Upcoming Litters

Look who had puppies….Nutmeg and Ninja had 6 puppies on July 12

2 liver and tan females, 2 parti females, 1 s/p male, and 1 black male with 4 white boots.









Look who had puppies….Malika and Paddington had 3 puppies on July 12. 

1 blk/slvr male and 2 black males







Look who had puppies….Stormi and Duke had 3 puppies on Aug 1. 1 white chocolate female and 1 liver and tan male and 1 chocolate male.






Look who had puppies….Diamond and Oliver had puppies on July 21. 2 liver and tan males!!!






Look who had puppies….Mirage and Paddington had puppies on Aug 8. 1 liver pepper female, 1 s/p male, 1 blk/wh parti female and 1 blk/wh parti male!!!