How To Care For A Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

Humans in a Schnauzer Body

Your new miniature schnauzer puppy will come home having been exposed to the sights and sounds of normal, everyday life. He will have been taken on car rides, played outside, and probably will have sat through countless hours of Netflix while being held by one of our grandchildren. Miniature Schnauzers are very social dogs and they do not believe they are dogs…they really think they are HUMAN. They are part of the family and so they will not understand being left outside. They want to be with you all of the time, whether you are going on a hike in the mountains or being a couch potato watching Sunday afternoon football. Basically, they want to be your shadow no matter what activity you choose. One of my first schnauzers wanted to be with me so much while he was a puppy, that he would scratch on the outside of the shower until I would let him in! Later he loved to take baths so much that he would run into the bathroom and jump in the tub and wait for me to turn the water on.

Your miniature schnauzer baby will come home with several things that will help the transition go a little more smoothly for you AND for your puppy.

  1. Small Bag of Puppy Food
  2. Training Info (Kennel, House, Leash, Etc)
  3. 30-day Pet Insurance (AKC)
  4. Sleep Buddy to ease the transition
  5. Domestic/International Microchip with certificate/transfer papers

black silver white chocolate liver pepper phantom parti platinum mini schnauzer schnauzers shnauzers micro champion dams and sires, Miniature Toy Teacup Tcup Megacoated Supercoated Ultracoated Royal Utah International
We begin puppy pad training when the puppies are 4 weeks old. They learn to “go” on the puppy pad that is secured in a puppy pad holder at one end of their pen and in doing so, it teaches them to be clean and to never “go” on their bed at the other end of the kennel. This helps when it comes time to “Kennel” train them. At 4-5 weeks, we offer the puppies dry food and water 3 times a day. We develop the schedule early so that the transition from Mom to kibble is easier on them. By 6 weeks of age, the puppies are on a routine and are ready to go potty outside.

6:00am…Outside to go potty

6:30am…Offered food and water

6:45am…Outside to go potty

Play time…Play time…Playtime

Nap time…Nap time… Nap time

12:00pm…Outside to go potty

12:30pm…Offered food and water

12:45pm…Outside to go potty

Play time…Play time…Playtime

Nap time…Nap time… Nap time

4:00pm…Outside to go potty

4:30pm…Offered food and water

4:45pm…Outside to go potty

Nothing-Nothing-Nothing after this feeding. Then, just before bed, take him out to go potty one more time. This will have given him time to get everything out of his system and make a more restful night for the both of you. Then, put him in his kennel with his sleep buddy and then place him where you would like him to learn to sleep. It is helpful to have him take his naps in his kennel in this place also, so he gets accustomed to it. If he struggles with being in his kennel, have him take short “time-outs” in his kennel where he can watch you do the dishes, or fold the laundry, or watch T V. This will help him feel safe and not so alone, but will also teach him to be content in his kennel.

Our next training is doggie door training. We put the puppies in size appropriate groups in little buildings with heat/air condition inside and train them to “go” out the door to go potty.They get fresh air, plenty of room to run and play while at the same time, learning some valuable “house training” skills. This will make it much easier on you when you get your baby home.

Your new little miniature schnauzer will also be micro chipped with an a domestic/international  microchip before he goes home so that if he would ever become lost, he could be returned to you. This is something that new owners sometimes forget to do, so we take care of that for you when he is about 3-4 weeks old. The micro chip is currently registered to ROYAL-SCHNAUZERS but the chip can be registered to the new owner and so we will send the transfer papers along with his other paperwork.

We will also send his AKC registration along with him (or mail it to you).

Keep an eye on the website for new pix AND videos. They are updated weekly.

It is important to bath your new puppy weekly and to brush him out every few days. This will help him get used to being bathed and brushed. If he gets mats in his coat, there is a possibility that when you take him to get groomed, they will shave all of his hair off and he will come home looking a lot like a rat.

You will also want to keep your puppy current on his vaccinations and on his worming schedule. This is something you should discuss with your vet as to an appropriate schedule according to your puppy’s age and the area you live in. We use Drontal Plus Puppy Taste Tabs. You can pick those up at your local Vet office.

There are 9 items that I highly recommend you get in preparation for your new little one coming home and they can all be ordered off our Store page:

  1. A cat collar (one that has a bell so that you do not step on your little one) This is only temporary…until everyone is used to having a new puppy around the house. Make sure you put a name tag on the collar with your phone number in case he would go on “walk-about” and someone would find him. This way they could return him to you. Accidents happen and it is best to be safe rather than sorry. There are several to choose from in our Store.
  2. Small leash (one that is thin enough that it is not too heavy for the puppy to carry around). Check out the cute ones we have listed in our Store that match the collars.
  3. Small food/water dish (One that will not turn over). We have several to choose from in our Store.
  4. Shampoo (I prefer White’n Brite horse shampoo for my dogs as it is gentle on the eyes and coat). You will see it listed in the grooming part of our Store.
  5. Greyhound Comb will keep the tangles away. Brushes are OK but combs are what Schnauzers need. We only sell what we actually use so think about getting a couple before your baby comes home.
  6. Toenail clippers (to clip his toenails every other week) You can get those off the Store page also.
  7. Plenty of pet approved toys to chew on. If not, he may chew up your shoes/ carpet/ toes. We recommend and sell Antler Chews.
  8. Toothbrush for dogs. This will save you hundreds of dollars a year if you will brush his teeth instead of having to have the vet clean his teeth. We sell a toothbrush/toothpaste combo and we also sell finger tip brushes for our young pups to learn to have their teeth brushed even before all of their teeth are completely in.
  9. If you choose not to brush his teeth, then PLEASE have his teeth cleaned by your Vet at least once a year and twice if needed. It is better to keep their teeth in their mouths than to buy canned food for the rest of his life!
  10. Lastly, a small wire kennel for times of crating. We strongly encourage you to give your new baby time in his new “den”, or kennel. It is not a punishment but rather a safe place for him rest. It needs to be large enough for him to sleep comfortably, but not so large that he can divide it up into bedrooms and bathrooms! We also have these on our Store page.